Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recording Sheet and Freebie!

I have been so busy interviewing nannies :( :( :( and working on my classroom, I haven't had the chance to breathe. Let alone blog. Yikes! I am so excited, because Faithe helped me paint an accent wall in my classroom this beautiful blue! It looks awesome! Once the paint was dry, I went back and used a circle painter to create bubbles, for an "under the sea" look. I will post pictures once it is all finished.
I was so excited two weeks ago when I found out that I only had 16 kiddos. That was short lived. I now have 20! I'm just glad it's an even number, for now anyway.

If you downloaded my Surfer freebie last week, you may have noticed that it didn't have a recording sheet. Silly me! So here you go.
Recording Sheet                                                                                                   

And because I have the beach on my mind, I have another little freebie for you! A syllable sort! The recording sheet is at the very end for your Kinders.
Syllable Sort                                                                                                   

Now I know that patterns aren't part of the new Common Core, but I love this adorable idea I found on Pinterest! Not sure where to credit it to, but it links up to Pleasantdale Elementary School in New Jersey. Hm..
cute zebra for teaching patterns

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Writing Rewards

 Ya'll need to get to the Dollar Tree! I got some serious goodies there. I mean, who can pass up organization tubs for $1 each or mini-dry erase boards?  

So, I have seen this writing fairy idea MANY places so I'm not sure who the original creator is. Isn't that the downfall of the web? You don't really know where an idea started or who actually came up with something first. I have seen it all over Pinterest, in many different versions, so I wanted to make them, too

So... Grab yourself some cello goodie bags from the Dollar Tree with some sweet iridescent ribbon. Then load up on some goodies:
Pencils, sharpeners, erasers, stickers, pencil grips, candy, whatever you want really.

Then print yourself some tags: 
Writing Fairy                                                                                                   

 The ticket to fantastic handwriting!! I hope, anyway.

I got my list of Kinders yesterday and I only have 16 kids! Wow! I'm so excited! That means more one on one time. I printed out my letters and got me envelopes all stuffed to send home to my kiddies! This year, I am sending home this cute little note for my Kinders...

I'm hoping that the whale tail is a dead giveaway :)