Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hey there!!

I have not blogged in forever! I tried, I really did. It is almost impossible to get anything done with two kiddos in the house. But, I love every crazy second! I mean... Look at these babies! 

I did find the time to finish up my October Writing Pack, though!

Included is: 
October Word Bank (in color)
18 writing prompt cards (in color)
4 different October themed writing papers (each in 3 versions- primary dotted line with picture box, primary dotted line full page, and single line full page)
3 How-to writing prompts (each in 2 versions- with picture box or without)
1 Fall Graphic Organizer
2 Acrostic Writing Papers (October and Halloween)

This year is just flying by and soon we will be getting ready for Christmas. CRRAZZZY! 

If you like my Facebook page, you may have downloaded my Daily Grammar Practice sample pages. If you haven't, head over there and grab it under my Freebies for Fans tab! You can now get the whole pack by clicking below! 

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, I will be getting back into the swing of things soon!