Monday, March 16, 2015

Are You A Grasshopper?

Do you use these Backyard Books in your classroom? 
There are several different animals that Judy Allen made these books for. They are GREAT sources of research for kids when writing information animal pieces- which we are starting this week! Check them out on Amazon by clicking the image above!

We will be choosing our animals at the end of the week for our research projects. I am so excited, this is one of my favorite writing units to work on! Who doesn't love learning more about animals?! Once my kiddos pick their animal, they will start using books and iPads to research. I made a new research organizer this year, too. 

You can download it to use for your kiddos by clicking the image above! 

I blew a few of these up into posters so we could do some animal noticings together before the kids got to do theirs independently. I think it helped them see exactly what I wanted and what they were looking for in their own papers. 

Now, I am off to get a snack :) 

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